Interior Plantscaping and Design


Plants and plantscapes can completely enhance and transform the look of an office space or home. In fact, interior plantscapes are beautiful living art. They change the feel of a whole room and improve air quality, naturally – which is especially important in professional buildings where windows are not designed to open.

We love working with clients to create a custom theme that fits the atmosphere of an office space, restaurant or home. Our designers will help capture whatever look you desire -- modern, classic, fun, relaxed, professional, etc. – and create a polished presence through plants and interior plantscapes.

Sometimes a room needs a little extra splash of color above and beyond plants and flowers, so why not add a little art? Los Verdes Interior Gardens sells art and accessories as additional accents for your home or business to help complete a polished look for any room. We can decorate with abstracts, stills or other art pieces for any kind of venue.

Contact Los Verdes Interior Designs today to schedule a visit so we can help you create a custom plan for your new interior plantscape that fits your unique space and needs.  


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