Exterior Plantscaping, Design and Gardening


Gardening is so much more than bushes and grass! A well-laid garden with beautiful containers and accents truly creates a professional and polished look for a business or home, making it look inviting and relaxing. Providing lush, green plants and flowers also helps accent the surrounding architecture, naturally.

Los Verdes Interior Gardens creates unique, budget conscious ways to spice up the exterior of your office or home, and make it something you can't wait for people to see. It helps improve foot traffic, provides colorful accents for any home and increases personal privacy. We can also add in some sculptures and garden art to accessorize the exterior and pull together a refined, sophisticated look.

Some of our largest clients are local restaurants along the River Walk in San Antonio, as well as a variety of office buildings and personal homes throughout the city. If you would like to see what
creative landscaping and design ideas we have for you, contact us today!


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