Wall Decor Portfolio

Works by Dr. Natalia Hughson

Dr. Hughson was born and grew up in the Ukraine where she graduated from Kharkov Medical School and practiced as a psychiatrist. While there, she became one of the three leading art theorists in the former Soviet Union, which lead to her interest in the relationship between mental health and creativity as well as her career as an artist. It was during this work that she began to understand that tapping into creativity is not only good therapy for people who are out of balance but extremely good maintenance for healthy people. She’s published more than 90 articles and books. After the social and economic upheaval following the breakup of the former Soviet Union she migrated to the United States. Her art was exhibited in the Ukraine as well as the United States. She is the Author of Psychology of Creativity, and Developing and Mastering the new way of thinking. She is a professor at the University of Advancing Technology teaching Psychology, the Psychology of Creativity, and other behavior related courses in the general studies department.